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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Boston: [New England] [Click on Photo To Enlarge]
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U.S..S. Constitution.

TD Garden.

The State House.

Copley Square.

Fenway Park Statium.

 Benieth The Zuckerman Memorial Bridge.

 One Block away from
The Boston Marathon
Finish Line

Paul Revere's Home.

"Cheers" - Original Bar Location

The Hare: At Copley Square.

Cheers' Inspired Tavern.

A Building inside Harvard.

The Tortus: At Copley Square.

Pinwheels At Harvard.

Copley Square Fountain.

Overhead Freeway now Underground.


Statues at Fenway Park.

Harvard Entrance.


Statue of Arthur Fiedler of
The Boston Pops

Statue of Bill Russell of
The Boston Celtics

 Boston's Public Garden.
Brodge overlooking Pond.


Statue of Edgar Alan Poe in Chinatown.

Eagle Statue on Top of
Union Station.

Statue at Boston's Public Library.
- Main Branch -

 View of Trinity Church
- From Boston's Public Library -

Statue at Boston's Public Library.
- Main Branch -





- Common Wealth Avenue Statues -

Mayor: Kevin White.

Abagail Addams & Son.

Harriot Tubman House Mural.

Horace Mann.

Samuel Adams.

Daniel Webster.

Edgar Alen Poe.
- The Raven -

John Singleton Copley.

John F. Kennedy.


Mayor: Kevin White.

The Boston Marathon
Finish Line.

Statue of Edgar Alan Poe in Chinatown.

Statue at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Statue in Salem, Mass. Honoring
Elizabeth Montgoery of


Top of The Old State House.

Christopher Columbus.

Benjemin Franklin.
The Old City Hall


Leonard P. Zackim
Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge.


Statue Inside Main Public Library.

Charles Sumner.
Statue -
Boylton Street,
[Between Arlington St. & Charles St.]


George Washington,
Statue -


 The Old North Church.
193 Salem Street
and Paul Revere Statue.

A War-time Mine.
- Boston Commons -

Four Sides to Fountain at Boston Comons.