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- Images At A Glance -
The Nation's Capital: [Click on Photo To Enlarge]

- Statues -

George Washington.

 Thomas Jefferson.

 David Eisenhower.

 Ronald Reagon.

Sarah Winnemucca.

 Gerald Ford.

 Andrew Jackson.

 Helen Keller.

 Mary Lord.

 Crawford W. Long, MD.

From Massachusetts

From New York

From New Hampshire


 Statue - UNKOWN.

From Rhode Island

 Po Pay.
From New Mexico

From New Jersey

From Deleware

 Statue Replica.
Capital Building Top Statue



From South Carolina






 Edward Douglas White.

 Julius Sterling Morton.

 Esuebio Francisco.

 CHief Washekie.

 Juniperio Serpa.

 Lew Wallace.

From Oklahoma

 Francis H. Pierpont.

 Reverend Jason Lee.

 Henery Mower Rice.

 Jefferson Davis.

From Arkansas

 Robert Fulton.

 Robert M La Follette.


 Generald John Sevier.

From Ohio

 The Honorable John Burke.

 Marcus Whitman.


From North Carolina

 Lewis Cass.

 Brigham Young.

 Rosa Parks.

 Ethan Allen.

 John Corrie.

 Frances E. Willard.

 Henry Clay.
From Kentucky


 Doctor Norman E. Borlaug.

 Umperio Sera.

 John Campbell.


 Hanibal Hamlin.

 William Jennings Bryan.

 Willim H. H. Beadle.

 Huey Pierce Long.

 Sam Houston.


 Joseph Ward.

 William E. Borah.

 Frederick E. Douglas.

These are the statues that were exhibited in the US Capitol Building, when I visited here in the months of August, 2013 and in September, 2014. Many thanks go to their Disability Services for providing me with this special tour opportunity.