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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Seattle Center - Experience M;usic Project and Monorail

The Seattle P-I Newspaper Complex

Netropolitan Park West, Seattle, WA. Viewed from Pine Avenue [I5 Overpass].

The Key Arena, Seattle, WA

The Tacoma Dome, 2727 East D Street  Tacoma, WA 98421

Statues outside Whole Foods store, 2210 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98121

Centenial Park Padestrian Bridge, Elliott Avenue West & West Prospect Street, Seattle, WA

The Glass Museum, 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma, WA

Unique set of Waterfalls, Tacoma, WA

The Araura Bridge Troll, Troll Avenue, Seattle, WA

Henry Moore Sculpture - adjacent to The Seattle Public Library [Main Branch]

Century Link Stadium Seattle, WA

Seahawks: Washington State Highschool Football Teans

The multi-angled view of George Washington at the Washington Trade & Convention Center, Seattle, WA

Curl Sculpture at the Hiram Chittenden's Government Locks - Fish Ladder, Seattle, WA

Train Bridge naar the Hiram Chittenden: [Government] Locks

Westlake Center and Downtown Macy's, 4th Avenue & Pine Street, Seattle, WA

Wells Fargo [Main Branch], 999 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA

The Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

Freeway Park, Seattle, WA

Inside the Washington Trade & Convention Center, Seattle, WA

 Concrete Statue, 34th Street & Fremont Avenue, Seattle, WA

Mercer Island Floating Bridge, Seattle, WA

Exterior View of The Washington Trade & Convention Center, Seattle, WA

The Seattle City Hall, Madison Street & 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA

Westlake AVenue Light-Rail Station, Seattle, WA

The USS Halsey passing The Seahawks Stadium [Century Link Stadium]

Westerward View down Union Street, Street, Seattle, WA

Kings Garden [Christa Ministries], Edmonds, WA

Tunnel  connecting to The Mercer Island Floating Tunnel, Seattle, WA

Century Link Field, Seattle, WA

Safeco Field, Seattle, WA

The Pacific Medical Center, Seattle, WA

Benaroya Music Hall on Third Avenue & University Street, Seattle, WA

The Seattle Space Needle, Seattle, WA

The Train Bridge near the Hiram Chittenden Government Locks

The Smith Tower, Seattle, WA

Ferris Wheel on Waterfront, Seattle, WA

Umbrella Statue, Western Avenue & Blanchard Street, Seattle, WA

Art Work at The Olympic Skulptuer Park, Western Avenue & Broad Street, Seattle, WA

Popcycle Statue, Blanchard Street & 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA

One Pacific Tower, Seattle, WA

Artwork northwest of of Fremont Bridge, Seattle, WA

Statue of Christopher Columbus, [Waterfront], Seattle, WA

The Snoqualmie Falls, Fall City, WA


Statue of William Henrey Seward in Seattle's Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA

Chief Seattle [Bust] near Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

The Federal Building on 2nd Avenue & Madison Street, Seattle, WA

Centenial Park, Seattle, WA

Interior view of The Washington Trade & Convention Center, Seattle, WA