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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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I would like to give special recognition to the following companies for their Product and Service Donations, without which many of my achievements would not have been possible. They all produced First Class products and services when help was needed!
San Francisco Helicopter Tours: Provided me with some flight time to begin photographing from the air.
Adobe: Photoshop - Image Applications | PageMaker - Word Processing | PageMill / Go Live - Website Development.
Hewlett-Packard: 4020i CD Writer | DeskJet 720 Color Printer.
Icom America. - IC2GAT - 2 Meter Handheld Transeiver.
Print File: Slide / Negative Film Sheets and Notebooks.
Pentax: Pz-1p 35mm Auto-Focus Camera & Lenses.
Night Sun : - High Performance Bicycle Lights.
Logitech / WiLife: Web Cameras.
DeLorme: Atlas 2008, GPS.
WinZip: File Compression
AGFA: Print / Slide Film.
Polaroid: Slide Scanner.
ASUS: - Computer Mother Board.
Grayline Tours - Bus Tour Services.
Eastman Kodak: Photo Developing Services.
Hitachi - 4GB Microdrive & PC Adapter Card.
Symantec: Norton Anti-Virus | Procomm | WinFax Pro.
Nero: Ultra 6.0 - CD/DVD Burning & Video Compiling Applications.
Sisoft - SiSoftware: SANDRA [Software Author] / Jagged ONLINE [Distributor].
Columbia/Tri-Star, MGM-UA, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Paramount, Walt Disney Company, Rhino, Anchor Bay, A&E, E-One, MPI Home Video: DVD's.
Hilton/Blackstone Group: Lodging in San Francisco / Oakland / Concord / Anaheim, CA , Dedham, MA, New Orleans, LA, Orlando, FL, New York City, NY, Las Vegas, NV.

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