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Photo History: PENTAX K5 / PZ1p: [ SLR / DSLR ] | SONY ALPHA 9

 Welcome to Digital Photography!

This portion of has been devoted to the digital realm of Photography, with these images having been photographed using the Pentax K5 [DSLR]: Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera and having been set to Program Mode [unless otherwise indicated]. In addition, you may find more Technical Information from the following PDF files: [Owners Manual / Fact Sheet].

Images produced from the Pentax K5 DSLR camera are originally set at 10"x16" image size and produces a 7MB JPG image file [along with an optional 21MB RAW file] while using a 300 DPI [Dots Per Inch] setting and is capable of converting either file type to a TIFF file.

Among the special features to this camera was the ability to ajust Natural, Saturation, Hue, High/Low Key Ajustment, Contrast, and Sharpness; settings you might find in Adobe's Photoshop software. The Pentax K5 DSLR camera, I found, needed to have it's Saturation setting ajusted by two positions greater than the center setting in order for propper color saturation to be observed.

Within this camera is software that also helps define how the camera will react to qualities of light as it is registered within the camera [with a Factory Reset Function available should you ever wish to go back to the way it was], but it will not, however affect any changes made under the White Balane function. This kind of change must be made manually. It is here, though that you may set how the camera will interpret lighting conditions and in how it may modify the image, similar to the affect a filter would have had in the days of film photography. While photographing an image, by shifting through the White Balance's possible settings, the camera can show you in advance of the next shot in how it might look under the setting being considered.

The battery to the camera is Rechargeable and mounts in a recharging cradle device and plugs into any standard 110 AC volt outlet.

A DETAIL SUMMARY of this camera's many functions has been provided here.

When viewing images stored within the Pentax K5 it will be possible to view the images under different viewing modes such as FULL FRAME per image, as a Windows TILE or as a FILM STRIP of images. When you use the camera for the first time the camera will create a Folder Name either with the name "PENTAX" or as whatever the current date presently is, and the camera will then store the images in that folder for that current day's images. This design becomes very helpful in the Display Mode; accessable by pressing
[] this button.

From here you will able to review your images by groups corresponding to a specific Folder Name. Two dials can be found on the Hand Grip side of the camera and is designated as [The Front Dial & The Rear Dial]. The Front Dial will shift to different blocks of images [or to different Folders], while the Rear Dial will shift to specific images within the current group of images being displayed.

If you are viewing a FULL FRAME image and you press the [Flash Icon] button, additional functions will appear. And of these functions are: Image Rotation, Digital Filter, Resize, Cropping, Slideshow, Save as Manual WB, RAW development, Index, Images Comparison, Movie Editing, Protect and DPOF. When pressing the INFO button three different information modes are available for any image.

CLEANING: DSLR Cameras are much more delicate than its' former SLR form of cameras were and as such special care needs to be given when it may become necessary to cleam the inner workings of the camera. Dust is a digital camera's worst enemey; ruining what might have been a great shot. When dust eventuallly became a problem for me, I purchased a Giottos Rocket-Air [professional cleaning system] and a drop container of Eclipse Photographic Solution and a pack of sensor swabs [Type 2] to remove the dust that had trapped its' self inside my camera. It was during this purchase transaction that I was also advised not to use any canned air because of the additional chemicals it would propel on to the sensor surface. Fingers should never touch the surface either because of the finger prints they may leave behind. All together, I paid about $75.00 these three products; with the advice thrown in for good measure.

The Pentax K5 DSLR camera can be set to give open access to the sensor for this cleaning process by clicking on SENSOR CLEANING and MIRROR UP. When the work was finished, turning off the camera served to reset to mirror to is original down position.

And on the issue of resetting any camera settings, the White Balance feature will not reset automatically with the camera's resetting function. White Balance settings can only be changed manually by pressing the WB button on the back side of the camera.

If you ever plan to photograph using the internal flash to provide an image with any fill-in lighting for dark areas, you will almost undoubtedly need to purchase a Light Diffuser, such as the one I purchased by Gary Fong. You may get the better price by going through his Online Store.  This device attaches to the Flash Shoe of the camera and is positioned over the internal flash in its' upright position. Without the Light Diffuser, the internal flash will make any close-up image bleached white; losing any flesh tones normally found in a photograph.