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- Evelo: Delta - FAQ -
I am being approached by many people wanting to know more about this E-Bike that I have recently purchased,
and for this reason I have creatd this FAQ web page.

1. How far can the Delta E-Bike run on elecric power in one day's amount of use? The Evelo Delta E-Bike has been able to rum mostly on electric power to travel about 15.8 miles in one afternoon, leaving one bar of battery strength still showing on its' Display Screen. The last five miles were all uphill from the Burk-Gillman Trail in the Ballard District to 145th Street and Greenwood Avenue NW in Seattle.

How long can the battery go without the need for a charge? Depending on how much you use the bike, it can go a fairly long time between charges. The battery is a 11.6 Ah ,556.8 Wh battery running at 48 volts.

Special Notation: Evelo Batteries are of Propiatary Design, so should you need to replace the battery outside the 4 year warrantee, Evelo would be the only one who could sell them to you.