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Photo History: PENTAX K5 / PZ1p: [ SLR / DSLR ] | SONY ALPHA 9

Welcome to Film: Print/Slide Photography!

This portion of WrightImages.Com has been devoted to the Film realm of Photography with these images having been photographed using the Pentax Pz1P [SLR]: 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera and having been set to Manual Mode [unless otherwise indicated]. In addition, you may find more Technical Information from the following PDF files: [Owners Manual / Functions Sheet].

Images produced from the Pentax Pz1P 35 SLR camera were originally produced by photo developers at a 4"x6" image size most of the time and when the images were scanned they would range from 6.25MB for a 4"x6" image to 25MB for an 8"x12" image.

When these images were originally scanned, I was using an AGFA Flatbed Color Scanner [1996] and I would often find it necessary to raise the color saturation to its' Default Setting + 19 in order to reproduce the photo image's exact likeness. Images were all scanned at 300 DPI [Dots Per Inch] / or 150 LPI [Lines Per Inch]. For the purpose of establishing a standard that could serve as a Default Standard, I would ask who ever did develop my rolls of print film, that they not apply any color correction [photo developing settings were to be set at Nutrual: no boosting of any color attribute + or - to the image. I wanted perfection to be a standard for any consumer using a 35mm camera.