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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-22.0, 1/125 Second, 300mm Lens, Focus Set at Infinity, No Flash, No Filter. Pentax Pz1p SLR, 20m Lens, F-9.5, 1/250 Sec., AGFA CT Precisa 100 ASA, No Flash, No Filter. The U.S. Capital The White House The USS Constitutioin [Ironclads] The Orange County Convention Center [Orlando, FL] The Belagio Hotel/Casino [Las Vegas, NV] Pentax Pz1p SLR, 20m Lens, F-13.0, 1/125 Sec., AGFA HDC 100 ASA Print Film, No Flash, No Filter.

The Golden Gate Bridge [San Francisco, CA], Pentax Pz1p, AGFA CT Presica 100 ASA Slide, F-9.7, 1/250 Sec.
View from The San Francisco Hilton & Towers [Restaurant]
Pentax Pz1p SLR, 20m Lens, F-11.0, 1/250 Sec., AGFA CT Precisa 200 ASA, No Flash, No Filter.
The Arches of The Pacific Science Center - Seattle, WA
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-4.5 to F5.6, 1/60 second Exposure, 20mm Lens Setting, Focus set on Infinity, No Flash, AGFA CT Precisa 100, Slide Film, No Filters, No External Flash.
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F11.0, 1/250 Second Exposure, No Flash, No Filter AGFA CT Precisa 200, Slide Film.
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-32.0, 15 Seconds Exposure, 110mm Lens Setting, No Flash, No Filter. AGFA HDC 100 ASA, Print Film.

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 Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-22.0, 30-45 seconds, 110mm Lens, Focus set on 5 Ft., AGFA CT Precisa 100, Slide Film.
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-2.8, 20 Seconds Exposure, No Filter, No Flash.
Union Square [San Francisco, CA], Yashica 230AF Camera, AGFA HDC 100 ASA, F13.0, 1/250,
The Library of Congress
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F13.0, 1/250 Second,  100-300mm Lens, No Filter, No Flash,  AGFA HDC 200 ASA, Print Film.
The MGM Grand Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F11, 1/250 Second, No Filter, No Flash, AGFA CT Precisa 200, Slide Film.

I would like to raise up to $6,000 to buy an Electric Assisted 21 speed-like Bicycle, and then to promote this technology during a Bike Trek Campaign cycling through Oregon State, where State Parks are about every 20 miles apart.

My research has turned up the following Electric Bicycle Manufacturers
. | Evelo Electric Bikes. | Currie Tech. | Diamnd Back. | IZIP e-Bikes. | e-Joe Bikes. | Juiced Riders. | Kalkhoff. | Motiv e-Bikes. | Pedego. | Polaris | Prodeco Tech. | Stromer Bike. | SEV Electric Vhicles. | Specialized. | Stealth Electric Bikes | Volton Bikes. | Worksman Cycles | Xtracycle. | Eletra.

can be mailed to Travel Ready,
718 North 143rd Street, # 104, Seattle, WA, 98133.

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"Cheers" Inspired Bar in Boston, Massachussets Safeco Field: [Seattle] The Seattle Mariners The Tacoma Dome [Tacoma, WA] The Key Arena [Seattle, WA] USS Halsey: DDG97 passing Century Link Stadium [Seatle, WA] Highschool Highschool Program, [Plaque in Century Link Stadium] Monument to The Unknown Soldier, Washington, DC