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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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I would like to embark on a Roadtrip to photograph National Parks and Dams, but I can not do it alone as I am legally blind. RV Owners, would you welcome a proessional-like photographer to photograph your travel adventures? To assist whover does drive the vehicle, I am trying to raise monies to help cover the cost of fuel for a 6,000 + mile roadtrip and at about 10 miles per gallon, my guestimate would be that it will cost about $2,500.

Viewing the TripTik link below, you will be able see the roule I hope to be able to follow. To those who donate monies or services to this roadtrip, I have created a Donor's Hall of Fame, intended to provide donors with a perminent record of your support; and for business owners, your support might be treated as an advertising expense by writing any check payable to
Travel Ready, Inc.; a corporation that promotes travel and designed to serve the needs of the visually and physically challenged.

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