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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Personal Background:

When not photographing someone or something or even somewhere, for the past twenty years I have been devoting my life to creating websites to service the needs of the visually and/or physically handicapped. Travel Ready was the eventual outgrowth of my two interests blending into one project that began about ten years ago. It is a free service I offer, to meet the need I percieved has existed for a long time with no one else stepping up to meet the challenge.

I am a Bachelor Graduate from the University of Washington from the schools of the Business Administration and of the school of Speech Communications. I have had a strong interest in anything related to practical use of Computer; initially developing software from scratch later evolving o the development of websites with my first website be WrightImages.COM. My college education spans 22 years; beginning as a Freshman in 1973, eventually graduating in 1995 with as a side achievement holding a General Class ranking as an Amature Radio Operator.

Much of my work developing websites to service the needs of the visually challenged began from an understanding of the hardships that face the poorly sighted. The greatest hardship the visually handicapped face, is in knowing where to go to find useful information! During my early college years, I often dreaded writing term papers, because it would inevitably would involve researching materials in libraries.

Today, I am an information sponge when it comes to the Internet; writing in a journal the Internet Addresses to website I find interesting, later to be added to WhereCanIFind.ORG. All of the websites that I develop are designed with the Visually Inaired in mind, in that the websites require practically no typing to access other websites found on the Internet. When not working on a computer I like cycling on a 21 speed bicycle or now on an Electric Bicycle. As I live on the top of a very long-distant hill, returning home by bicycle had always been the downside to cycling always being comitted for the return trip.

Concerning my general health, I do not smode anything nor do I drink any alcohal and I resisted taking any medicines unless essential to my comfort.
Why can't I drive a car? Well, when I was 16 days old I was involved in an automobile accident that left me with a damaged optic nerve causing the blindness I now experience and some degree of brain damage dulling my sense of touch and causing partial paralysis on the right side of my body.

I consider myself to be of a Christian believer, and I do not believe in the impossible, even when it comes to my abilities in life. I am not upset at failure so long as I at least had had the oportunity to try reaching a goal. Even this Roadtrip may fail, but it will not be because I did not try.