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Roadtrip Details: Big Creek Park
Ashford, WA


In planning for a road trip with a friend to Big Creek Park, we began by building a check list of options in what type of car we planned to rent, the costs to rent and insure the chosen vehicle, before determining when we would anticipate arriving to the park.

Enterprise Car Rental was the company we chose to secure a vehicle for the trip.

I will have sufficient income available to pay my way on food and drink, and on an equal share of all lodging expenses incurred along the way: Park Fees and Motel expenses, etc. If needed, I will be able to bring a sleeping bag and tent as well. As for Entrance Fees to The United States National Parks, there should be No Fees as I possess a
Lifetime Admission Permit Access Passport and 50% off should be available on Amenity Fees for services on Camping and Swimming.

We should not feel pressured to be at any place at any time. I have no timeframe in mind on how long the trip will take.

During the trip I hope to be very busy updating my websites [Wright Images and Travel Ready] with photo images shot the night before. My only income source comes from Social Security Survivor Benefits, so I would not be able to contribute towards gas/diesel expenses on my own. It is because of this limiting facter, that forces to seek out outside donations to meet these pending expenses.