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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Roadtrip Details:

I am a very good photographer lacking only in the ways I am able to travel. If you are planning on going on a roadtrip and you would be interested in bringing an additional guest with you on this trip, I will make for great company. I am an IATAN Certified Travel Agency Owner and might be able to reduce lodging expenses from that certifation.

I will have sufficient income available to pay my way on food and drink, and on an equal share of all lodging expenses incurred along the way: Park Fees and Motel expenses, etc. If needed, I will be able to bring a sleeping bag and tent as well. As for Entrance Fees to The United States National Parks, there should be No Fees as I possess a
Lifetime Admission Permit Access Passport and 50% off should be available on Amenity Fees for services on Camping and Swimming.

We should not feel pressured to be at any place at any time. I have no timeframe in mind on how long the trip will take.

During the trip I hope to be very busy updating my websites [Wright Images and Travel Ready] with photo images shot the night before. My only income source comes from Social Security Survivor Benefits, so I would not be able to contribute towards gas/diesel expenses on my own. It is because of this limiting facter, that forces to seek out outside donations to meet these pending expenses.