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Energizer Solar - Powerkeep 36:
I recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show [CES], 2018 in Las Vegas to analyze and promote new and advancing technologies, when I came across the booth of Energizer Solor.The solar bug had recently bit my curiousity, when I had made the decision to purchae an electric bicycle six months earlier. I was fascinated with all that was capable of being mounted to a bicyc of this kind and I wanted to learn and apply all that I could to my own life. Solar pannels attached to the spokes of a bike, or mounted within the frame of a bike or draped over a set of panniers; I was very impressed with what I saw being sponsored through the Energizer brand.

What I saw at Energizer Solar's booth was a display showcasing Backpacks with solar panals efixed to their backside along with compact solar pannels for smaller devices.

The Powerkeep 36's casing was black and very sleek and solid in design; compact with four folding pannels and capable of charigng up four cell phone devices on a single charge within two hours time. If what I had read about this Powerkeep 36 was correct, it was a product I did not want to pass.