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- Recomended Technolgy -
T-Mobile Cellular Servicce.
Samsung: Galaxy S7 Edge.

- Most Favorite APPS -
Marine Traffic Ship Positions
Voice Recoder Pro.
Pocket Ranger.
Point Inside.
Gate Geru.
iFly Pro.
Trail Link
Call Recorder:
Calculator Plus.
City Maps 2 Go: Pro.
Google: Maps, Navigate, Explore.

 Consumer Eletronic Show:
The Energizer Solar: [ (888) 404-9010 ], Powerkeep 36 Solar Charger. [Details]. Available on Amazon.Com.
The Powerkeep system uses a lithium battery that stores enough energy drawn from solar energy to power up four smartphones.
(It's a new company with plans in the works to design even more power driven devices within the next six months).

Recommended Software: Lime-Tech - Computer Server Software: [Details]