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- SONY A9: Philadelphia,
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- Statues to Find and Photograph -

Rocky Statue,Joan of Arc,
Commadore John Berry,
Robert Morris,
Shakespeare Memorial,
"The Bond" Bronze Statues (2),
Joe Frazier,
William PePenn,
General Ulysses S. Grant,
Irish Memorial,
General Casimir Pluaski,
The Pilgrim Statue,
Toleration Statue,
Amor Sculpture,
Abraham Lincoln Memorial,
Clothes Pin Sculpture,
General George Mc Clellan,
Tedyuscung Statue,
Washington Monument Statue,
Dicken & Little Nell, Benjamin Franklin National Memorial,
General Galushapennypacker Memorial,
Government of The People,
Duck Girl,
The Tinker,
Benjamin Franklin,
Octavius V. Catto Memorial,
Stone Age in America,
Singers Garden,
Mary Dyer Monument, Milord la Chamarre Statue,
Freedom Sculpture,
The Lion Fighter, Washington Statue,
Major General John Fulton Reynolds,
William Mc Kinley,
Religious Liberty Statue,,
General Tadeuszkosciuszko, Lion Crushing A Serpent,
Keys To Community,
John Be Kelly,
Tomb of The Unkonwn Soldier,
Mario The Magnificient,
All Was Memorial to Colored Soldiers,
The Triune,
Love Scullpture,
Girard Fountain Park,
Commadore Urian P. Levy Monument,
Smith Memorial Arch,
Thomas Pitzsimmons,
Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial,
Guglielmo Marconi,
John Wanamaker,
Mike Schmidt Statue,
Prosperity and Power,
Swann Memorial Fountain,
Philadelphia Korean Ear Memorial Park,
Walt Whitman,
Viking Statue,
Anthony Drexel,
Morton Mc Michael Sculptuer.