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- AMTRAK Pulls a Bait-n-Switch on Handicapped Passenger -
regarding a Sleeper Car Reservation and then modifies Reservation Details on their webite to hide the reservation's original details. Because of Amtrak, I lost 14 hours of Sleeper Car comfort along with the Lunch and Dinner that comes with Sleeper Car Reservations.

Reservation #: 19BEFB, [eTicket]
From Havre, MO to Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA to El Paso, TX, Date of Travel: December 5 - 8, 2016
Redeemed for 15,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points [prior to January 24, 2016 and under Zone Redemption procedure].

From their Amtrak Guest Rewards website:
12/07/2016 Sacramento, CA (SAC) - Stockton, CA (SKN) Hide Details
Ticket: #3418162103809, Thruway Reserved , Price: $0.00
Train #: 3812
Reservation #: 19BEFB
Not eligible for points

12/07/2016 Stockton, CA (SKN) - Bakersfield, CA (BFD) Hide Details
Ticket: #3418162103817, Coach Class , Price: $0.00
Train #: 0712
Reservation #: 19BEFB
Not eligible for points

Whenever did Coach Seating = Sleeper Car Accommodations?