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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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- Perfect Flash Phtography using a 35mm DSLR Camera -
Camera: Petax K5 DSLR, ASA/ISO: 400, Shutter Speed: 1/400 Sec. ,Camera Mode: Shutter Priority, Lens Setting: 150mm, Portrait Style: Head Shot, Climate: Outdoors and Cloudy Weather, Flash Power (+/-): 0.0, Expsure Compensation (+/-): 0.0 / [Photo Examples]

Additional Notes: The Camera Mode will probably function fine in any degree of program mode and this would include the Aperture Mode and the Program Mode. If you set your lens at 150mm first and then try to fill up the camera's view-finder with the head and shoulders of the subject being photographed, this will provide the necessary distance the camera needs to be away from the subject being photographed to provide the proper amount of illuminations.