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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-22.0, 1/125 Second, 300mm Lens, Focus Set at Infinity, No Flash, No Filter. Pentax Pz1p SLR, 20m Lens, F-9.5, 1/250 Sec., AGFA CT Precisa 100 ASA, No Flash, No Filter. The U.S. Capital The White House The USS Constitutioin [Ironclads] The Orange County Convention Center [Orlando, FL] The Belagio Hotel/Casino [Las Vegas, NV] Pentax Pz1p SLR, 20m Lens, F-13.0, 1/125 Sec., AGFA HDC 100 ASA Print Film, No Flash, No Filter.

The Golden Gate Bridge [San Francisco, CA], Pentax Pz1p, AGFA CT Presica 100 ASA Slide, F-9.7, 1/250 Sec.
View from The San Francisco Hilton & Towers [Restaurant]
Pentax Pz1p SLR, 20m Lens, F-11.0, 1/250 Sec., AGFA CT Precisa 200 ASA, No Flash, No Filter.
The Arches of The Pacific Science Center - Seattle, WA
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-4.5 to F5.6, 1/60 second Exposure, 20mm Lens Setting, Focus set on Infinity, No Flash, AGFA CT Precisa 100, Slide Film, No Filters, No External Flash.
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F11.0, 1/250 Second Exposure, No Flash, No Filter AGFA CT Precisa 200, Slide Film.
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-32.0, 15 Seconds Exposure, 110mm Lens Setting, No Flash, No Filter. AGFA HDC 100 ASA, Print Film.

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 Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-22.0, 30-45 seconds, 110mm Lens, Focus set on 5 Ft., AGFA CT Precisa 100, Slide Film.
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F-2.8, 20 Seconds Exposure, No Filter, No Flash.
Union Square [San Francisco, CA], Yashica 230AF Camera, AGFA HDC 100 ASA, F13.0, 1/250,
The Library of Congress
Pentax Pz1p SLR, F13.0, 1/250 Second,  100-300mm Lens, No Filter, No Flash,  AGFA HDC 200 ASA, Print Film.
The MGM Grand Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas, NV

P H O T O G R A P H S:
[Digital Photography] / Pz1P: [Film Photography]
Wright Images: was founded on perseverance and faith. My goal is to provide inspiration and information on the art of photography to people with limited vision. Having been legally blind since childhood, I seek to share my love of the visual world that I'm able to enjoy through technology, which continues to help remove barriers and enhance our ability to capture images in a meaningful and exciting way. The newest advancement for me has been in the use of a 1.4x Rear Lens Converter; to now extend my 300mm lens to a 420mm level of magnification while retaining the lens's Auto-Focus capability. To view some of these images, (Click Here).

Featured Photo: The image is of the Vince Lombardi Superbowl Football XLVIII Trophy awarded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. It was displayed to the general public at a Seahawks Booster Club Banquet held in the Bellevue Hilton Hotel on May 24, 2014, which ran from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM that evening. I shot this photo as it was being removed from its' display case and set aside for a brief and private viewing.

Featured Photo: While attending the National Assocaition of Broadcaster's Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada for 2015, I came across the Booth for the Tiffen Company, a company that is known for the production of Lens Filters. Known by this company as having photographed celebries at past Celebrity Golf Tournaments, Tiffen staff were kind enough to permit me to photograph their more recent Emmy Award [outside of any display case] awarded to them for their advancement in Filters used in the production of major Hollywood Movies. In 2015, Tiffen, again was recognised by Hollywood for their newly developed Infra Red Nutral Density Filters. Click to View [VIdeo].

R E C E N T - M E D I A:

[Magazine], "Blind and Determined".
March/April 2013 Issue, Pages 27-29. [PDF File]

The Voice: [
Newspaper Article], December 4, 2012
Photographer out to prove nothing is impossible".
PDF File]

: [News Feature], June 23, 2015.
Photographer With Real Vision Builds Portfolio at
Safeco Field.

"Cheers" Inspired Bar in Boston, Massachussets  Safeco Field: [Seattle] The Seattle MarinersThe Tacoma Dome [Tacoma, WA] The Key Arena [Seattle, WA] USS Halsey: DDG97 passing Century Link Stadium [Seatle, WA] Highschool Highschool Program, [Plaque in Century Link Stadium] Monument to The Unknown Soldier, Washington, DC