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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

 718 North 143rd Street, #104, Seattle, WA, 98133-6969, (206) 883-9923 / (206) 365-2236, email: Read. / Write.

Help Organize A Roadtrip:
This roadtrip will cover about 5,000 miles according to AAA's Trip Planner, and I woud like to request City Governments consider underwriting some of the expenses that will incur along the way.
Gasoline Expense anticipated to be $2,500 for about 500 Gallons.

Chacks may be written out to
Travel Ready, Inc., along with its' Corporate Tax ID #: 46-39775 [Details], for IRS Tax Purposes and mailed to the address: 718 North 143rd Street, #104, Seattle, WA, 98133-6969.
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City Donors to Roadtrip

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Grand Coulee, WA

CoC / City Hall

 May, 20, 2019
Whitefish, MT

CoC / City Hall

 May, 20, 2019
Polebridge, MT        
Columbia Falls, MT

CoC / City Hall

 May, 20, 2019
Caram, MT        
Martin CIty, MT        
Essex, MT        
Babb, MT        
Bozeman, MT        
Coram, MT        
Martin City, MT        
Gardiner, MT        
Cooke City, MT        
Cody, WY        
Island Park, WY        
Jackson, WY        
Teton Village, WY        
Debois, WY        
Driggs, ID        
MTose, WY        
Kelly, WY        
MTran, WY        
Keystone, SD        
Rapid City, SD        
Estes Park, CO        
Gaskil, CO        
Carlsbad, NM        
Loving, NM        
Malaga, NM        
Seven Rivers, NM        
Grand Canyon, AZ        
Flagstaff, AZ        
MTab, AZ        
Dewey, UT        
Spanish Valley, UT        
Thompson Springs, UT        
Cisco, UT        
Agate, UT        
Castle, UT        
Bryce Canyon City, UT        
Rickvillle, UT        
Shanesburg, UT        
Grafton,, UT        
Virgin, UT        
Pintura, UT        
Henderson, NV


 May, 22, 2019
Paradise, NV        
Las Vegas, NV

CoC / City Hall

 May, 22, 2019
Visalia, CA

CoC / City Hall

 May, 22, 2019
Silver City, CA        
Kaweah, CA        
Cobin Cove, CA        
Red Fir, CA        
Orange Cove, CA        
Dimuba, CA        
Wawona, CA        
Half Dome Village, CA        
Foresta, CA        
Crescent City, CA


 May, 22, 2019
McKinleyville, CA


 May, 22, 2019
Arcata, CA        
Eurika, CA        
Fortuna, CA


 May, 22, 2019
Redding, CA

CoC / City Hall

 May, 22, 2019
Sacramento, CA        
Ashford, WA        
Eatonville, WA        
Packwood, WA        
Alder, WA        
Elbe, WA        
Seattle, WA        
Lynnwood, WA        
Everett, WA        
Shoreline, WA        
EdMTnds, WA        
Renton, WA        
Kirkland, WA        
Bothel, WA        
Burien, WA        
MTnt Lake Terrace, WA        


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I was very fortunate at being in the right place at the right time to be able to photograph some of these symbols of perfection.
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