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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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 According To: The US Census Bureau 19% of US Citizens Live With A Disability: [Website]
Are you one of them?

Wheelchair Based Disabilities

Mental Depression.

VIsion Based Disabilities.

- Wheelchair Based Disability Associations -
ALS Association. American Diabetes Association. Amputee-Coalition. March of Dimes.
Musculary Distophy Association. Multiple Sclerosis Society. Paralyzed Vetran of America. Spina Bifida Association.
United Spinal. Alzheimers Association. Easter Seals Association. National Institue of Health.
United Cerebral Palsy. Post-Polio. United Spinal Association.

- Wheelchair Based Sports Associations -
Wheelchair Sports Foundation. National Wheelchair Basketball Association. American Wheelchair Bowling Association.