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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Showcasing Photos of: Rumble At The Ridge. / Seahawks Training Camp.

- Electric Bicycles, now in Seattle -

There is a place for electric bike technology and I hope to demonstrate this fact over the next few months. I would like to see these ebikes being used in the area of Touring, and for the state of Oregon with their state parks about twenty miles apart on their highway system, I think that ecycling could be the perfect marriage and with a solar panel added I think other states could enter into this same kind of perfect marriage. [Compatible Technology] / [FAQ]

Evelo Delta - Components:
Full Speed Ahead [FSA]: Stem, Seat Post and 22mm Handleb, Rock Shox: Reba RL Suspension Fork, Tektro: Hydraulic Breaks, Nu Vinci: N380 Transmission, Schwaibi: Tubeless Tires, King Meter: 100 Series ebike display, Joycube: Battery [JCEB480, 48.0 V, 11.6 Ah, 556 Wh].

: Ion 800 RT -Wireless Lighting System. / USB Chargie Cable. Lone Peak: Alta Handlebar Bag / Deluxe Expandable Rack Pack, Topeak: Cargo Net. / Trollley Tote. / MTX Rear Rack Basket. / Rear Rack Hitch. / Super Tourist Tubular Bicycle Trunk Rack DX , Phylion: MDA LI-ION Battery Charger, Model #: SPBC4802A, Code: BZ2YU6KE,
Phylion: Address - No. 181, Jinshajiang Rd., Suzhou 215153, ORG, China.

Bicycle Insurance: Velosurance.

- Reaching The Top -

Featured Photo: The image on the left is of the Vince Lombardi Superbowl Football XLVIII Trophy awarded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. It was displayed to the general public at a Seahawks Booster Club Banquet held in the Bellevue Hilton Hotel on May 24, 2014, which ran from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM that evening. I shot this photo as it was being removed from its' display case and set aside for a brief and private viewing.

Featured Photo: The image on the right is a Hollywood "Emmy" I shot during my attending of the National Assocaition of Broadcaster's Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada for 2015. It was awarded to the Tiffen Company for developing the Infra Red Nutral Density filter now used in the movie industry.

Known by this company as having photographed celebries at past Celebrity Golf Tournaments, Tiffen staff were kind enough to permit me to photograph their Emmy Award [outside of any display case]. In 2015, Click to View [VIdeo] of the Hollywood presentation.


- Reaching For Perfection -
I was very fortunate at being in the right place at the right time to be able to photograph some of these symbols of perfection.
- Perfect Flash Photography Settings for Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras -

Evelo E-Bike Showroom: Now In Seattle!
1411 - 34th Avenue, Seatte, WA, 98122
(877) 991-7272
Owner Manuals For: Delta - [Display Unit] / Galaxy / Quest / Aries / Aurora / Luna / Orion [PDF]

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- Addressing Famine in Africa and The World -
Are you grateful for what You Have? Consider Giving to A Charity of yur Choice; to those that Have Not! The Need is Great!
The News may report it, but only you and God can do something about it.
Care: (800) 521-2273 Mercy Corp: (888) 747-7440
The Red Cross: (800) HELP NOW Save The Children: (800) 728-3843

UNICEF: (800) 367-5437

Doctors Without Borders: (888) 392-0392

 - AMTRAK Pulls a Bait-n-Swich on handicapped passenger - regarding a Sleeper Car Reservation and then modifies Reservation Details on their webite to hide the reservation's original details. - [Details] / [Status of Claim]