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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Johann C. F. von Schiller: [Google MAP]
Conservatory Garden: [Google MAP]
Giuseeppe Mazzini: [Google MAP]
Sir Walter Scott: [Google MAP]
Daniel Webster: [Google MAP]
Thomas Moore: [Google MAP]
Victor Herbert: [Google MAP]
Robert Burns: [Google MAP]
Shakespeare: [Google MAP]
King Jagiello: [Google MAP]
The Falconer: [Google MAP]
Duke Ellington: [Google MAP]
Burnet Fountain [Google MAP]
Fredrick Douglas: [Google MAP]
Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen: [Google MAP]
Alexander von Humbeoldt: [Google MAP]

Obelisk (Cleopatra's Needle): [Google MAP]
Christopher Columbus: [Google MAP]
Samuel F. B. Morse: [Google MAP]
Alexander Hamilton: [Google MAP]
Group of Bears: [Google MAP]
Romeo & Juliet: [Google MAP]
Simon Bolivar: [Google MAP]
The Pilgrim: [Google MAP]
Walter Scott: [Google MAP]
Indian Hunter: [Google MAP]
Jose de San Martin: [Google MAP]
Alice in Wonderland: [Google MAP]
Ludvig van Beethoven: [Google MAP]
7th Regiment Memorial: [Google MAP]
Hans Christian Anderson: [Google MAP]
William Tecumseh Sherman: [Google MAP]


Atlas & The Globe Statue [Google MAP]
Christopher Columbus [Google MAP]
Pulitzer Fountain [Google MAP]
Statue of Liberty [Google MAP]
Nathan Hale [Google MAP]
Father Duffy [Google MAP]
George M. Cohen [Google MAP]
Mother Cabrini Statue [Google MAP]
Guggenheim Museum [Google MAP]
Running Bull - Bowling Green [Google MAP]

Fiorello H. LaGuardia [Google MAP]
Union Square Park [Google MAP]
The United Nations [Google MAP]
Golda Meir Statue [Google MAP]
John Watts [Google MAP]
Confucius [Google MAP]
Mitchel Square [Google MAP]
Theodore Roosevelt [Google MAP}
Gertrude Stein Statue [Google MAP]
NBC Rainbow Room [Google MAP]

Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva [Google MAP]
Elanor Roosevelt [Google MAP]
Harriet Tuberman [Google MAP]
 Washington Square Park [Google MAP]
 Benito Juarez Statue - Bryant Park - [Google MAP]