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 Sony Alfa 9: - Mirrorless Camera.

[Fact Sheet] / [Owners Manual]


eBook: [A9 Custom Setup Support]

 Sony HVLF60RM - Camera Flash.

[Brochure] / [Owners Manual]


 Sony VG-C3EM - Battery Grip.

 [Owners Manual]

 Sony BC-QZ1 - Battery Charger.

  [Owners Manual]

 Sony RMT-DSLR2 - Remote Control.

[Owners Manual]

 Sony PCK-LG1 - Screen Protector.  
 Sony Touph UHS2 SDXC - SD Card.  Available at: [B&H]
 Sony FE200600G - Telephoto Lens.

Available at: [B&H] / [Owners Manual]

Review & Comparison Test: Mark Galer. [YuoTUBE]
 Sony FE 1.4 - TeleConverter Lens.

Available at: [B&H] / [Owners Manual]

 Sony FE 90 - F2.8 Macro G OSS Lens.  Available at: [B&H]

 This Lens is good for Close-Up Photography! Examples: Food & Flowers, etc.

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  PDF: [History of Digital Cameras]
 Gitzo GT-2941 - Reporter Style Tripod.  

- Pentax K5 Camera: Technique & Settings - / [Photo Examples]
Sony Alpha 9 Camera: Technique & Settings - [Photo Examples] - [Photo Examples]

SEATTLE P-I: "Legally blind photographer turns his sights to reviewing DVDs", May 13, 2002

KING-TV: Produced by: Carl Pugliese
News Anchor: Barry Judge & Susannah Frame.
Video begins 1 minute into the Videostream.

KING-TV: News at 5:00PM: "Legally blind photographer builds portfolio with Mariners' help" [KING-TV] | [USA Today]
Author: Heather Graf and KING 5 News (KING) / Published: 6/25/2015 10:42:04 AM / Updated: 10:42 AM PDT June 25, 2015

PHOTO MARKETING ASSOCIATION: "Blind and Determined", March-Aprill, 2013,

Pentax K5 - DSLR Camera.

[Owners Manual] / [Camera Specs]

Pentax D-BGA - Battery Grip.


Pentax DL-190 - Camera Battery.  
Pentax BJ-11 - DL-190 Battery Charger.  
Pentax DA 55-300mm - Zoom Lens.

Auto-Focus Lenses
Pentax SMC 10-17mm - Wide Angle Lens.
Pentax SMC 28-90mm - Zoom Lens.

 Lockton Affinity Insurance Company. [Website] / Insurance Recommended by: NPPA.Org. [Website]

- Createive Suite 6: Photoshop Issues Solved -
Both, the Tiny Menus & the OVERSIZD Healing / Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop can be Solved by lowering the Resolution of the Display Screan down one beneth the Recommended Setting. You shonld not need to touch the Compatibility Setting.

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UnRaid Format of Computer Server.

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Dreamweaver Tutorials: DW CS4. / DW CS6.

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How To Lock the White Balance on The Sony Alpha 9.

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[HP - ZBook Tutorials]
Removing & Replacing Parts for: HP ZBook.

 Marantz PM300CP0.
Dubbing Cassettes and Converting to MP3 or to CD/DVD Format Files.