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Alanis Morissette Snake River in The Grand Canyon

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Showcasing Photos of: Rumble At The Ridge. / Seahawks Training Camp.

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I do not need major donors. Even $10.00 will help. The Hostel in Philadelphia will charge about $25.00 per night and flying to Philadephia will cost about $150.00 (round trip). Train fare from Newerk, NJ to Philadelphia, PA will be about $32.00 (round trip). Their local bus & subway fare will be $1.25 for one-way travel.

Donations may be mailed to:
Robert Wright / or Travel Ready, Inc.
718 North 143rd Street, #104
Seattle, WA, 98133

To view more of my photographic work visit: New York CIty, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Boston.

Of the places I hope to photograph are the following:
Joan of Arc - Statue - location: The Philadelphia Art Museum. The Rocky - Statue - location: The Philadelphia Art Museum.
Commadore Barry - Statue - Independance Mall. Drexal Unicersity - Southwest corner of 33rd Street & Race Street.
Marconi Plaze - Broad & Oregon Street. A Dragon - Statue - 33rd Street & Market Street [Drexel University].
The Irish Memorial Monument - 199 South Front Street. Giant Clothes Pin - 1500 Market Street.
Scottish Memorial - I-95 Park at Front Street & Samson Walk. General Gearge Mc Callan - Statue - Philadelphia City Hall.
 One Liberty Observation Deck - 1650 Market Street, 57th Floor.  

Dream Garden, a 100,000-piece Tiffany Puzzle: In the lobby of the Curtis Center across from Washington Square.

Giant Paint Brush - Pennsylvania Fine Arts Academy - North Broad Street & Cherry Street.

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial - Statue - 222 North 20th Street & Benjamin Franklin Boulevard.

National Constitution Center: Signers' Hall - Lifesixze statues of signers of the US Constitution. [Website] - 525 Arch Street.

Doughboys WWI Memorial - Spring Garden Road & North 2nd Street. [one minute walk from Spring Garden Subway stop].

 Batter Brown - Statue - Citizen Bank Park: [there are quite aa few baseball themed statues there].

Rittenhouser Square - State -18th and Walnut Street - in center of square pool. [].

Washington Monument - Benjamin Franklin Bouleard at Eakins Oval [in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art].

Wanamaker - 1300 Market Street - Very Old organ at Macy's. []

The Rodin Museum: The Thinker - Statue - 2151 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.